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Logo design

– This is how I design your company logo

I want to strengthen your brand through a stylish logo that is unique and speaks to your target group. The logo must clearly reflect your company and at the same time appear original.

In the design phase, I focus on a logo design that is well thought out and harmonious in its design language. The logo must be simple, recognizable, i.e. easy to recognize and decode for those who meet your logo.

The logo must also be flexible so that it can be used in different sizes and colors.

I always make sure to focus on your company’s needs and target group. It is important to include who you want to be something for? And what value you create for them, so your logo will work for you.

Process for developing your logo

design proces for udvikling af logo

1. Start

Telephone meeting/physical meeting, where I use various questioning techniques, e.g. will be highlighted:

  • Purpose
  • Goal
  • Which target groups you want to attract
  • Tone and style
  • What is your company made of and where is it going
  • Products
  • Competitors

    Your DNA, Etc…

2. Research

Based on our meeting, I examine your target group and competitors and find a tone and style so that you stand out and appeal to your target group. It is incredibly important that your logo is one that hits your target group and signals your values.

3. Design

Based on our dialogue and my own research, I start visualizing, first by hand and then on the computer.


4. Proofreading​

One or more ideas are selected and sent to you.

5. Feedback

You comment, and if there is a need for it, I fine-tune the design and then send the design so that you can comment again.

The finished logo is delivered to you and contains:

  • Your logo in vector format, which can be scaled indefinitely and used for prints, flyers, large banners, etc. In other words, your logo is razor sharp regardless of the size of your print

  • Your logo for digital use on e.g. website, social media is delivered in jpeg and png format

  • If you wish, I can also deliver your printed business cards

Ny Visuel identite

Get a new visual identity so you appear professional Get a unique logo designed so your customers remember you!

Get a unique logo designed so your customers remember you!

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